School of Dental Sciences

Dental Professionals

Dental Professionals


The School endeavours to provide a hub for dental professionals in the region.

We host professional events throughout the year. We're keen to join with professionals who want to deliver education, research and service.

Professional & student support

We provide the following:

We like to work with former alumni and practising dentists to further education in the field.
We like to work with former alumni and practising dentists to further education in the field.


There are several ways for professionals who graduated with us to network.

Newcastle University Dental Graduates' Association

We started in 1945 to mark the 50th anniversary of Newcastle University Dental School. Our aim is to enable graduates to maintain social and professional contact with: 

  • friends and colleagues
  • members worldwide
  • all branches of dentistry

Current membership exceeds 2,000, with strong ties between alumni and their alma mater.

Graduates' Dinner

Our main event is the Graduates’ Dinner, held the weekend of the Founders and Benefactors lecture. A distinguished guest delivers the lecture. It attracts verifiable CPD points and the Association’s annual meeting follows. The Graduates’ Dinner takes the hassle out of organising class reunions.


Life membership is currently £20. £10 of this goes to the Dental Student Hardship Fund. Membership is open to all Newcastle graduates and Dental School and Hospital staff.

How to apply

Download an application form (PDF: 70 KB) and return with your cheque payable to UNDGA to:

Newcastle University Dental Graduates Association
c/o Magdalena Grainger
School of Dental Sciences
Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne

For more details, to update your records or for forthcoming activities, email

Newcastle University Alumni

The Graduates' Association works with the Newcastle University Advancement team. To find out more about wider alumni events and keep your details up to date, visit NU Advancement.

Dental School Christmas newsletter

We publish a Christmas newsletter, with news from Newcastle Dental School and its graduates. To submit a news item for this year's newsletter, email:

Join us on Facebook

For more informal interactions with fellow alumni, join us on Facebook.


Local societies host a number of educational and social events throughout the year. They welcome members and non-members to these events.

Find out more about these societies below:

Extracted Teeth

Extracted teeth are vital in giving students practice on sound and diseased tooth tissue.

Synthetic teeth cannot provide a complete substitute for the feel of natural tooth tissue. To support training we want local dentists to collect extracted teeth for our students. 

The Human Tissue Authority say written consent is not required for teeth retained for use by dental students.

What we need

A few simple guidelines for the collection of extracted teeth:

  • remove all soft tissue if possible
  • store teeth in a suitable container in a dilute solution of household bleach (one part bleach to 10 parts water)
  • change the solution occasionally if you store the teeth for an extended period of time

If you would like to know more, you can download further details (PDF 327 KB).

We're hoping dentists will donate extracted teeth to help with our students' learning.
We're hoping dentists will donate extracted teeth to help with our students' learning.

Hardship Fund

In 2006, the School established a hardship fund.

It started with donations from staff (past and present), alumni and current students. The purpose of the fund is to provide a contribution towards tuition fee costs.

It's for those students who have had to take time out from their studies due to serious ill health. The consequence of this may be having to repeat a year of study.

Helping those in need

Let us know if you would like to donate towards helping those who need it most. Please complete a Hardship Fund donation form (PDF: 343KB).

A small panel of staff, including the Head of School, determine beneficiaries.