Orthodontics MSc


Clinical Teachers 

Child Dental Health - Orthodontics

Dental Material Science

Restorative Dentistry

Oral Surgery

Oral Biology

  • Prof S McHanwell - Professor of Anatomy



  • Mr M Wright  

James Cook University Hospital

  • Miss A Downing - Consultant in Orthodontics
  • Mrs J Russell - Consultant in Orthodontics
  • Prof D Stirrups - Consultant in Orthodontics

Sunderland Royal Infirmary

  • Mr I A Shaw - Consultant in Orthodontics

Carlisle Infirmary

  • Mrs F Nixon - Consultant in Orthodontics
  • Mrs S Walker

Specialist Practitioners

  • Mr G Deeming - Specialist practitioner
  • Mr N Fox - Specialist practitioner
  • Mr I Lund - Specialist practitioner

Cleft Lip and Palate

Specialist from the Northern and Yorkshire Cleft Lip and Palate Service

Dental Public Health

Support and Clinical Skills/Technical Training Staff