Treating Patients

You will spend time in patient clinics during Stage 1 and 2, observing treatments provided by senior students and conducting simple examinations on your student colleagues.

At the end of Stage 2 the Key Clinical Skills course delivered in our Clinical Skills Unit teaches you practical skills and fine motor control for the exacting work of a dentist. You will also learn about dental materials, and the principles of disease management.

You will not take responsibility for treating your own patients until the beginning of Stage 3, after you’ve gained strong foundations in the relevant science, shown your competence and completed Key Clinical Skills training.

As your training progresses, you return to the Clinical Skills Unit to learn more advanced practical skills:

  • endodontics (root canal treatment)
  • crown and bridgework
  • removable prosthodontics (denture work)
  • and aspects of implantology before exercising these skills in the clinics. 

Every qualified dentist remembers their first days in a clinic, and our team of experienced teachers and support staff are on hand to smooth the transition from clinical simulation to real patient care.

The responsibilities are considerable, but the rewards of clinical service are great.