Beginning Secondary teachers feel more prepared for teaching in a diverse society

The Ofsted inspection of 2011 recommended the Secondary PGCE Team 'Consolidate recent strengthening of provision to ensure that a high proportion of students feel well prepared for teaching in a diverse society.' Every year we conduct an 'Exit Survey' which asks questions drawn from the National NQT Survey against which all ITT providers are benchmarked. Responses relating to questions about diversity reveal a startling improvement in exiting PGCE students' levels of preparedness, which demonstrates a significant consolidation of the comprehensive and progressively evolving training strategy launched in 2010. In 2011, an average of 62% of students rated their training to teach in a diverse society as being 'Very Good or Good', 30% rated training as being 'Satisfactory' and 8% returned a rating of 'Poor'. Though these figures represented a significant improvement on previous years' exit data, we re-designed our training to be even more visible and strengthened our partnerships with local schools and providers to develop a greater range of enrichment opportunities along with a one-day 'Diversity' conference. Data for 2012 is extremely encouraging. An average of 78% now rate their training as being 'Very Good or Good', 19% as 'Satisfactory' and only 3% as 'Poor'. The team are looking to continue to improve this upward trend during 2012-13 by responding to student feedback. Our aim is to return an overall satisfaction rating of 100% with 85% of students rating us as at least 'Good'. Thank you to all tutors, school colleagues, speakers, experts and partners who have enabled us to continue to strengthen this vital area of provision.

Rene Koglbauer
Acting Head of School, Director of North Leadership Centre

Cheryl Mackay
Secondary MFL PGCE Tutor

published on: 10th July 2012