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Languages for Learning: A Pedagogy for EAL

This conference celebrates linguistic pluralism and introduces ways of teaching children who are learning English as an additional language. The conference includes speakers who are experts in multilingual/plurilingual pedagogical approaches and intercultural education from UK, Finland and France and experts in Romani languages and heritage from UK and Romania.

Speakers include:

Professor Nathalie Auger, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III, France 

Nathalie specializes in the deconstruction of cultural stereotypes in Europe; second language learning in France; and what teaching French “as a mother tongue” can mean in plurilingual/multicultural France in the 21st century.

Associate Professor Leena Robertson, Middlesex University, United Kingdom

Leena researches the needs of adult learners from both traditional and non-traditional academic backgrounds, as well as those from various international backgrounds.

Dr Heidi Layne, Helsinki University, Finland

Heidi is a Teacher Educator. Her research interests are critical pedagogy, whiteness studies and postcolonial perspective on intercultural education in teacher education and internationalization of higher education, immigration and social justice.

Mr. Nicu Gal

Nicu and his wife established the People to People Foundation which set up and runs Tinca Community school an alternative mainstream school for Roma pupils.

Dr Daniele Viktor Leggio, Manchester University (MigRom project)

Viktor’s research includes specialisms in Romani diasporas, virtual communities, and multilingualism.

Day one introduces the main concepts and research evidence for a dual language pedagogical approach for pupils with English as an additional language.

Day two applies this knowledge to Roma communities living in UK who speak a complex range of Romani dialects. Participants then consider how to successfully integrate this approach in their own educational contexts.

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published on: 18 October 2016