Masters in Education, Introductory Taster

A unique opportunity to try out life at Newcastle University from your own home

The School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences are holding an online taster course for students interested in any of our Masters in Education programmes.

The online taster course is intended to give students a flavour of what they can expect from the MEd. The course runs over 5 days and offers students the following:

  • An insight into the kind of content that will be covered on the course
  • A chance to participate in discussions on some of the content areas that are covered on the course. These discussions would be between other participants and members of academic staff
  • An opportunity to read and watch videos of students sharing their experiences on the course
  • An opportunity to watch videos of academic staff that teach on the course introducing various modules
  • An opportunity to watch a video of the programme director introducing the course
  • A chance to interact with academic staff across the school
  • An opportunity to ask academic staff questions about the course
  • Links to videos of talks that have been done by members of the teaching staff on the course

Typically students will be presented with lecture notes and perhaps video links which they would read/ watch. These would present a particular topic that would normally be covered on the course. The participants would then be asked to join the relevant forum and respond to questions and discussion points arising from the materials. These discussions offer an excellent way for the participants to explore what the course is all about and to interact with each other as well as with members of academic staff.

The modules we have chosen are designed to give a flavour of what the course would be like. The thinking skills and leadership modules are two of our most popular and research methods is an integral part of every course.

Day 1 (March 7 2011): Navigating around the Learning Environment; Introduction to the University, the School and the MEd; Introductions on the forum

Day 2 (March 8 2011): Research Skills and Methods taster. This gives an insight into one of the fundamental skills required to do a Post Graduate degree at Newcastle.

Day 3 (March 9 2011): Developing Thinking Skills taster, this module aims to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and skills to enhance their own and their students’ thinking and learning. The online taster gives a brief introduction to thinking skills

Day 4 (March 10 2011): Leadership and Strategic Management taster this module  aims to identify the key role of leadership in creating the effective educational institution

Day 5 (March 11 2011): Discussions

Discussions on the forum will continue beyond day 5 but registration for the taster course will close on day 3

In order to register for the course, please use this link

published on: 31st January 2011