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Staff and students ‘suspicious’ of international strategies

Taken from the Times Higher Education:

‘Sinister’ internationalisation agendas still too focused on recruiting students, researcher claims.

Staff and students are “cynical” about and “suspicious” of their university’s efforts to become more international, research has found.

Despite institutions believing that international student mobility was not a “panacea” in terms of seeking to internationalise, faculty and students still viewed internationalisation as “all about generating income for the university”.

We need a new type of internationalisation in education

These are the findings of Alina Schartner, lecturer in applied linguistics at Newcastle University, in her co-authored paper “‘Empty signifiers’ and ‘dreamy ideals’: perceptions of the ‘international university’ among higher education students and staff at a British university”.

Dr Schartner consulted students and staff from a research-intensive university via focus groups and online surveys, and found that both groups believed their institution’s internationalisation strategy was “sinister”.

“Officially, universities in general are pushing to move away from simply international recruitment towards offering other international and intercultural experiences,” she said. “But from my interviews, I got the sense that both groups thought it was all about the money even if they [universities] say something different.”

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published on: 14 October 2016