Enquiring into practice: a new method of lesson observation

Speakers: Rachel Lofthouse and David Wright


Title: Enquiring into practice: a new method of lesson observation


Venue: 1.36 King George VI Building


Time: 1pm


Student and trainee teachers in England experience multiple observations and feedback sessions during the course of their initial teacher education.  This routine absorbs many tens of hours for both student and mentor, forms the basis of the mentoring and monitoring processes, and provides the student with their personal benchmarks of progress.  But the observation process has the potential to do much more than that.  Since 2006 we have set out to investigate this, exploring students’ and mentors’ experiences, piloting a new observation framework, and considering the role of observation and feedback in professional learning.  Looking back on our research journey we recognise some ‘disturbances’ which have triggered our reflections. Amongst other things, we have deliberated the nature of knowledge required by beginning teachers and their mentors, and the mechanisms most likely to support them in developing this. 


This pilot approach has since been modified for the ECLS peer observation process, and colleagues may be interested in learning more about how it has evolved and how research has informed this process.

Published: 1st October 2008