Applied Linguistics Research Group

The work of the Applied Linguistics Research Group encompasses a wide range of research interests. We place emphasis on multidisciplinarity, empirically-driven theory advancement, and the impact of these advancements in applied contexts such as foreign language pedagogy, cultural integration, lifelong learning, and technologically-driven learning environments and interventions. We conduct research in bilingual cognition, corpus linguistics, cross-cultural communication, discourse analysis, first and second language acquisition, health and professional communication, language teaching methodology, models of language learning, multilingualism, and writing systems.

We employ a range of diverse and innovative methodological approaches, using paradigms from experimental psycholinguistics, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, micro-ethnography, and corpus-based analysis.

The expertise of our staff is utilised in a number of research centres within the University, such as the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CfLaT), iLAB:learn, and the Centre for Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences (CRiLLS).

You can find out more details about the work we do, including new publications, funding, engagement activities and impact, presentations and keynote lectures by downloading our research newsletter. To view the work of individual group members please visit our staff pages.

Applied Linguistics

Dr Adam Brandt
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Emeritus Professor Vivian Cook
Emeritus Professor

Dr Alan Firth
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Christopher Leyland
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Mei Lin

Dr Anne Preston
SOLE Centre Research Fellow

Dr Alina Schartner
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Professor Paul Seedhouse
Professor of Educational and Applied Linguistics

Dr Peter Sercombe
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Rachelle Vessey
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Professor Steve Walsh
Professor of Applied Linguistics

Scott Windeatt
Senior Lecturer

Dr Tony Young
Senior Lecturer in Language & Communication