ECLS Applied Linguistics Research Seminar Series 2013 - 2014

ECLS Applied Linguistics Research Seminar Series 2013 - 2014

Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place from 4pm - 5pm.  ALL students and staff welcome!


When? Who? Paper Title

15th October 2013, KGVI LT6


Dr Jane Evison (The University of Nottingham)


The discourse of English language teacher professional development


29th October 2013, KGVI LT6


Prof. Michael McCarthy (Newcastle University)

Chatting in the academy: conversation and academic discourse

12th November 2013, Agriculture Building - AGRB.CSLT


Prof. Celia Roberts and Dr Sarah Atkins (Kings College London)


'Performing' Consultations: Assessing communication in the UK General Practice licensing exam


26th November 2013, KGVI LT6


Dr Ahmad Nazari (London Metropolitan University)


Group Dynamics on an MA TESOL Programme: A Student Perspective


10th December 2013Agriculture Building - AGRB.CSLT


Prof. Liz Stokoe (Loughborough University)


The conversational racetrack: Applying designedly large-scale conversation analytic research


28th January 2014, Agriculture Building - AGRB.CSLT


Dr. Robert Mackenzie (Northumbria University)

Speech evaluation, intergroup relations and the Internationalisation of Japanese Higher Education


11th February 2014, Agriculture Building - AGRB.CSLT


Prof. Vivian Cook (Newcastle University)

The Language of the Street

25th February 2014, Agriculture Building - AGRB.CSLT


Dr John Gray (Institute of Education)


LGBT invisibility and heteronormativity in ELT materials


11th March 2014, KGVI LT6


Dr Rachel Edwards (Northumbria University)


Evolution, Story-Telling and Education Today.





All students and staff are welcome to these events so we hope to see you there.

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