ECLS Applied Linguistics Research Seminar Series 2014- 2015

ECLS Applied Linguistics Research Seminar Series 2014 - 2015

Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place from 4pm - 5pm.  ALL students and staff welcome!


When? Who? Paper Title

21st October 2014, KGVI LT6


Caroline Moore (Director of Constella Ltd)


New generation learning: From traditional print to digital materials


4th November 2014, KGVI LT6


Prof. Paul Seedhouse (Newcastle University)

The European Digital Kitchen

18th November 2014, KGVI LT6


Prof. Brian Tomlinson (Anaheim University)


English from the mind


2nd December 2014, KGVI LT6


Prof. Susan Hunston (University of Birmingham)


The learner, the corpus, the classroom: Challenges and opportunities


27th January 2015 Bedson Teaching Centre- 1.48


Prof. Zhu Hua (Birkbeck, University of London)


Multilingual & intercultural communication across time & space


10th February 2015, Bedson Teaching Centre- 1.46


Dr. Gary Motteram ( University of Manchester)

Researching technology supported language teacher education in challenging


24th February 2015, KGVI LT5


Dr. Prue Holmes (Durham University)

Researching multilingually: New theoretical and methodological dimensions

3rd March 2015,KGVI LT6


Prof. Crispin Thurlow (University of Bern)


The world of wordsmiths: Engaging contemporary language workers


10th March 2015, Bedson Teaching Centre 1.46


Dr Sylvia Jaworska ( University of Reading)


Representations of multilingualism in public discourse in Britain


14th April 2015, KGVI LT6

Dr Colleen Cotter (Queen Mary, University of London)

Iterativity in news discourse

**Cancelled** 30th April 2015, KGVI LT1
**Cancelled** Prof. Caroline Coffin, (The Open University) **Cancelled** A Language as Social Semiotic approach to teaching and learning in higher education.

All students and staff are welcome to these events so we hope to see you there.

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