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Education Research Seminars

our regularly updated list of research seminars


Date and time - Speaker name and institution - Seminar title

Tuesday 31 Oct, 1pm - Professor Sugata Mitra, Newcastle University - The future of learning

Thursday 16 Nov, 1pm - Thomas Martell, Education Endowment Foundation - Putting evidence to work in schools

Thursday 7 Dec, 1pm - Dr Heather Smith, Newcastle University - ROMtels (Roma translanguaging enquiry learning space): language and power

Tuesday 23 Jan, 1pm - Dr Steve Humble, Newcastle University - School choice in sub Saharan Africa - Dispelling myths

Thursday 22 Feb, 1pm - Professor Robert Klassen, University of York - Can we predict teacher effectiveness? Psychological and cross-cultural perspectives

Thursday 15 March, 1pm - Professor Tim Jay, Sheffield Hallam University - Why is parental engagement hard? Politics and purpose in out-of-school mathematics learning

Thursday 19 April, 4pm - Professor Caroline Walker-Gleaves, Newcastle University - The last word on feedback: understanding the affordances and impediments of digital feedback in relation to students' work in higher education

Tuesday 22 May, 1pm - Professor Neil Mercer, University of Cambridge - Why oracy matters

Thursday 7 June, 1pm - Professor Samantha Twistleton, Sheffield Hallam University - tbc

Thursday 28 June, 1pm - Professor Steven Watson, University of Cambridge - Self-efficacy and social cognitive theory as basis of teacher professional learning theory

Thursday 12 July, 12pm - Dr Simon Gibbs, Newcastle University - Immoral education: the assault on teachers' identity, autonomy and efficacy


We will confirm the venues shortly.


Date/Time Speaker Paper Title Venue

Nov 1 1 – 2.30pm Professor Caroline Walker-Gleaves (Newcastle University) Caring about research in relationships and caring: is there an appetite for such research in 21st century education institutional cultures? -KGVI 1.36B

Dec 13 1 – 2.30pm Dr Helen E Lees (Newman University) The fears of education research: conservativism, silences, silencing and making a difference KGVI LT5

Jan 17 4 - 5.30pm - Professor Sugata Mitra (Newcastle University) - The future of learning KGVI LT4

Feb 16 1 – 2.30pm Professor Stephen Gorard (Durham University) - What progress has been made towards evidence-based education? KGVI 1.36C - Seminar Slides - SG

March 9 1 – 2.30pm Professor Daniel Mujis (University of Southampton) - Improving schools in coastal towns: evidence from secondary data analysis - KGVI LT5

March 23 1 – 2.30pm Professor Terry Wrigley (Northumbria University) Living on the edge: rethinking poverty, class and schooling KGVI 1.36C - Seminar Slides - TW2016

May 2 1 – 2.30pm Professor Pat Sikes (University of Sheffield) I didn’t have any choice: research that demands to be done KGVI 1.36B

June 6 4 – 5.30pm Dr. Steven Watson (University of Cambridge) - Teacher self-efficacy and social cognitive theory in teacher education KGVI LT5

June 22 1 – 2.30pm Professor Mark Priestley (University of Stirling) - Teacher agency: what is it and why does it matter? KGVI LT5 - Seminar series - MP2016