Northeast School Based Research Consortium

From March 1998 to June 2001
Project Leader(s): Dr Vivienne Baumfield, Dr David Leat, Mrs Sally Taverner
Staff: Teachers in 6 schools and 3 LEAs
Contact: David Leat
Sponsors: Teacher Training Agency


to provide opportunities for teachers to develop their pedagogy through the implementation of a thinking skills programme including strategies for evaluating pupils’ learning strategies and markers for effective classroom practice; to establish a cohort of highly skilled teacher coaches who are confident in their engagement with research and able to support the development of less experienced colleagues effectively; to extend the HEI/school partnership to incorporate a research dimension; to develop the links across the consortium and the region to ensure wide dissemination of our findings and draw contacts into active involvement in an evidence based research culture by generating their own projects.

Data Sets:

Partners in the consortium use a range of methods of data collection and analysis in accordance with the focus of their project. Data collected is related to three variables: teacher input; classroom processes and pupil outcomes. The data generated by individual school level projects will form the basis for medium and long term research projects analysing the patterns of classroom interaction and the emergent role of the teacher coach.


Professor David Leat
Prof of Curriculum Innovation