ESRC Researcher Development Initiative

From November 2006 to November 2009
Project Leader(s): Dr Jon Prosser (Leeds University)
Staff: Prof Marcus Banks (Oxford University), Charlotte Bates (Anglia Ruskin University), Dr C Dyer (University of Leeds), Prof David Gauntlett (Bournemouth University), Prof Steve Higgins (Durham University), Dr Ruth Holiday (University of Leeds), Prof Jennifer Mason (University of Manchester), Susan Pearson (University of Leeds), Dr Sarah Pink (Loughborough University), Prof Gill Valentine (Leeds University), Dr Kate Wall (Newcastle University), Prof Rob Walker (University of East Anglia) and Dr Susan Walker (University of Leeds),
Contact: Dr Kate Wall
Sponsors: ESRC Researcher Development Initiative

Research paradigm

Over the last decade there has been a significant growth worldwide in visual-centric and visual-significant research. The training and developmental resources required to meet the burgeoning need for qualitatively and quantitatively driven visual methods across the social sciences has been inadequate. Support for researchers new to visual methods as well as visual researchers seeking further insights is partial and fragmented and lacking strategic intent. The number of international journals with a visual focus has increased fourfold over the last decade. UK journals such as Visual Studies, Visual Communication and Visual Culture have emerged to meet the growing needs of a knowledge hungry visual research community.

Research methodology
This project aims to establish a national infrastructure of training and development through an accessible, rigorous and substantively focused programme.

The objectives are threefold:
•to provide generic methodology trainers, users of research and active researchers new to visual research with core skills and resources that will enable them to build a deep understanding of applied visual research methods.
•to provide an ongoing, integrated and rigorous visual methods resource for researchers with experience in visual methods at intermediate level that is stimulating, challenging and grounded in 'best practice'.
•to establish a national infrastructure that is on-going, self-sufficient and developmental, that meets the ongoing needs of the research community.


Wall, K. and Higgins, S. (2006) Facilitating and supporting talk with pupils about metacognition: a research and learning tool, International Journal of Research and Methods in Education, 29(1): 39-53