QCA Inclusion Probe

From April 2009 to July 2009
Project Leader(s): David Leat
Staff: Ulrike Thomas
Sponsors: CUREE (Centre for the use of Research and Evidence in Education)


In this project CfLaT aims to provide specialist advice and support for:

(i) identifying and sourcing relevant research evidence;

(ii) developing and adapting suitable approaches and instruments for gathering and analysing data;

(iii)  identifying and recruiting schools with existing practice in the focus area and amenable to research;

(iv) analysing and interpreting data;

(v) commenting on reports. Methodology and approach  

  • liaise with probe schools to scope and identify suitable practice(and, ideally practitioners)and share an explicit plan for the fieldwork with the project board.
  • conduct desk and field research in (1 school for each probe) according to the research design recommended by the advisory group and agreed by the project board and QCA. This may include but may not be limited to documentary analysis, individual and group interviews, observations in real time or using video.
  • support practitioner enquiry in the probe schools according to the approach agreed by the project board and QCA.
  • record the outcomes of research processes in specified formats.  These may include spreadsheets or tables designed to support data analysis.


Professor David Leat
Prof of Curriculum Innovation

Ulrike Thomas
CfLaT Research Associate