Spoken word recognition in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and specific language impairment (2013)

Author(s): Loucas T, Riches N, Baird G, Pickles A, Simonoff E, Chandler S, Charman T

    Abstract: Spoken word recognition, during gating, appears intact in specific language impairment (SLI). This study used gating to investigate the process in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders plus language impairment (ALI). Adolescents with ALI, SLI and typical language development (TLD), matched on nonverbal IQ listened to gated words which varied in frequency (low/high) and number of phonological onset neighbours (low/high density). Adolescents with ALI required more speech input to initially identify low frequency words with low competitor density than those with SLI and those with TLD, who did not differ. These differences may be due to less well specified word form representations in ALI.

    • Type of Article: Research Report
    • Date: 21-12-2011
    • Journal: Applied Psycholinguistics
    • Volume: 34
    • Issue: 2
    • Pages: 301-322
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    • Publication type: Article
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Keywords: Autism, Specific Language Impairment


    Dr Nick Riches
    Lecturer in Speech & Language Pathology