Dr Maria Garraffa
Research Associate

  • Email: maria.garraffa@ncl.ac.uk
  • Address: Education, Communication and Language Sciences
    King George VI Building
    School of ECLS
    Queen Victoria Road
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 7RU


Research associate - Reading Comprehension in Aphasia Project


Degrees Awarded

PhD in Cognitive Science (2007)

University of Siena, Italy (distinction) Supervisor Prof. Luigi Rizzi                                  

MA in Linguistics (2004)

University of Siena, Italy (distinction) 

  My research focuses on Syntax in acquired and developmental language disorders.  

I am currently interested in how syntax interacts with cognitive capacities (such as Working Memory and Executive functions) in people with acquired language disorders.

Current researches:

- Working Memory and Comprehension of Relative Clauses in people with Aphasia (with Gemma Learmonth, University of Edinburgh);

- Syntactic Priming in children with SLI (with Holly Branigan and Moreno Coco, University of Edinburgh);

- Cross modal priming in Language and Maths (with Chiara Caruso, Università di Chieti);

- Processing of Agreement during attraction with different pronominal classess (with Alberto Di Domenico, Università di Chieti)