School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences

Staff Profiles

Maria Mroz



PhD Recognition and support of children with speech, language and communication needs: knowledge, policy and practice.

My research interests include;

The interaction between teacher knowledge of pupils with speech , language and communication needs and classroom practice.

Playtimes in primary schools - including both the physical space and the links to children's social and emotional development.

Children's early reading development.


Primary PGCE

Module Leader for the English component of the Primary PGCE EDU 8171

EDU 8134 Reflective practitioner module; Sessions on Language and social disadvantage and Playtimes and playgrounds. 

SPE2044 SPE8152 Speech and Language Pathology:  Pre-school Child case study.

EDU 8202/8203 Investigating Learning Processes.

EDU1001 Education Children and Society: taught session on Children's socialisation within and beyond the classroom.

EDU2001 Pedagogies: taught session on Playtimes and Children's Social and Emotional Learning.

EDU3002 Social Justice and Education: taught session on The issues of labelling children in relation to academic needs.