Integrated PhD

The exciting range of Integrated PhD programmes which we offer at Newcastle University is supported by the UK government, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the British Council. The fact that each programme is supported in this way ensures that standards are met or exceeded and that quality is maintained.
Some of the distinctive features of these programmes include:

  • a significant, specifically tailored, taught component.
  • annual assessment and feedback on your work.
  • research training covering a variety of traditions and methodologies.
  • guidance in your own, original research, leading to a thesis.
  • components which are both flexible and practical.


The Integrated PhD will produce well-rounded and adaptable graduates with the qualities and transferable skills necessary to gain a competitive edge in the public and private sector as well as in the research industry.
By the end of your chosen programme, you will have:

  • gained a range of professional and key skills which will enable you to engage in teaching and/or research at an advanced level in higher education or in a senior professional capacity in other fields of employment
  • gained an advanced knowledge and understanding of your subject area through teaching, research and project work
  • undertaken specialist training in research methods and techniques
  • undertaken a research project which will make an original contribution to knowledge and understanding in your subject area

Programmes Available

We offer the following New Route PhDs:

The Integrated PhD is a conceptually demanding doctorate, intended to appeal particularly to senior professionals in education and related fields, who seek an advanced theoretical and analytical basis for application in their professional practice.

University funding may be available for these programmes, please check for more details.