HASS Graduate Skills Enhancement Programme 2014-15

What is it? This is a programme of linked and independent sessions run by the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching with additional input from a range of specialists. It is intended to supplement skills training that students receive during their studies here at Newcastle

Who should attend? All international Master’s level students in the Faculty are invited to attend (sessions are, however, open to and appropriate for overseas PhD students).

What might a commitment look like? Students are not required to attend sessions but are welcome to attend all the sessions or to select those they find most relevant to their needs. To aid in this process, the sessions have been organised in several key themes:

  • Post-graduate learning at Newcastle University (green theme)
  • Academic communication: reading, writing and presentation (blue theme)
  • Research design and management (with qualitative and quantitative sub-strands) (purple theme)

(Note: occasionally sessions fall across two themes, for example Presentation and Progression which is in both green and blue)

How much time will it take? Sessions are one hour long and always in the same time-slot - 2-3pm on Wednesdays. While all the room bookings are correct there may be some last minute changes so please check the website before the sessions start.

The full programme and timetabling information is in this document (pdf, 260k)