EEE - Merz Court - Virtual Building Map
Class 100-1000 Clean Room.
Characterisation Lab.
Screened Room.
E4.* Emerging Technology & Materials & µSystems
  Floor    Extreme Environments Lab
4     Room E4.21.
(E4.23-25 access).
Agilent Technology Teaching (Electronics) Lab.
Electronics Project Lab. Electronics Workshop.
E3.03 Boardroom. Offices E3.13 - 14.
(Access to Buttery). Through to Electrical Power Teaching Lab (via Buttery).
        Offices E3.15 - 18.
Through to M5.02
3     Offices E3.21 - 25.
Through to M4.13/CPD room.
Agilent Technology Wireless Lab
Anechoic Chamber
Electrical Workshop.
E2.* Communications, Sensors, Signal & Information Processing Research & Offices.
EEE Computer Lab
Emerging Technology & Materials - Class 100-10000 Clean Room.
Mechanical Workshop. Offices E1.* & EC1.03.
EEE Reception
1     E12 - E13a/b Electrical Power Research Lab
Access for Smart Grid Lab
Staff kitchen.      
Centre for Advanced Electrical Drives - Labs, Offices, Meeting room & Video Conferencing
Main Entrance
G     E4 Sensors, Electromagnetics and Acoustics Lab

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