Technical challenges in future wireless communications

Prof Michael Darnell has agreed to present a seminar on TECHNICAL CHALLENGES IN FUTURE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS.

13:00 - 14:30, 10th January 2007, Room: Bedson Teaching Centre 1.46

The seminar will begin with a brief review of the characteristics and applications of established wireless systems including 2/2.5/3G, 802.11/15/16, TETRA, WiMAX, DVB and DAB.

Attention will then be focussed on system-level technical challenges in the near-future, ie range and mobility requirements, convergence between fixed and mobile networks, standardisation, bandwidth availability and adaptive spectrum utilisation and management.

The last part of the seminar will consider more detailed technical design challenges including design of WPANs and MANETs, progression Beyond 3G (B3G), pervasive computing, reconfigurability issues, Location-Based Services (LBS), QoS and security.

Published: 8th January 2007