Current EEE students - Frequently Asked Questions?

Undergraduate Students (B.Eng/M.Eng)

Taught Postgraduate (M.Sc.)

Research Postgraduate (Ph.D.)

General queries for all levels

Undergraduate Students (B.Eng/M.Eng)

Am I eligible to apply for the School Scholarship? What is the criteria?

Students who select Newcastle University as their Firm choice with UCAS, meet our entrance requirements and are not in the Foundation Year or fully sponsored by a government or company, are eligible to receive the School Scholarship.

In order to receive the School Scholarship in subsequent years, students must achieve 55% and above in their stage average for the previous academic year.

Can I get sponsored by an industrial company during my studies?

Students within the School are encouraged to apply for sponsorship with engineering companies to support them financially during their academic studies and gain useful work experience. Examples of companies offering sponsorship opportunities are the E3 Academy and Sevcon.

Can I do a work placement during my degree?

Students registered on an MEng degree programmes are required to undertake an industrial placement between the end of Stage 3 and by the Christmas vacation of Stage 4. If you are interested in undergoing any other training or doing work experience alongside your studies, you are welcome to consult your personal tutor for advice.

I want to change my degree programme. How do I do this?

If you wish to change your degree programme, please contact the Undergraduate Degree Programme Director (Dr Graeme Chester) to discuss this. If moving from a BEng to an MEng degree programme, you will need to have a stage average of 55% and above. If the DPD approves your request, you will need to complete a 'DPD Request Form', which you can get from the School Office. This will need to be signed by the DPD. The Undergraduate Secretary will then arrange the transfer on your behalf.

I want to change my module choices. How do I do this?

In order to change your modules, please collect a Module Amendment Form from the School Office. Once completed, this will need to be signed by your Personal Tutor and the Undergraduate Degree Programme Director (Dr Graeme Chester). Please note module changes can only be made up until the end of the second week of teaching of each semester.

I want to get an extension for my work. How do I do this?

Please collect a PEC form from the School Office to request an extension submitting any evidence you think appropriate to support your request.

What is the PEC form?

The Personal Extenuating Circumstances Form is the form students complete when they are experiencing personal problems which they believe could affect their studies. This one form is a way of informing the School of the issues you are experiencing and for you to request a number of different adjustments, such as an extension, exemptions, deferrals or Board of Examiners discretion. Students can submit any documents which they think are relevant to support their application.

How do I get my exam results?

The School will notify students of the date that exam results will be ready to access on S3P, prior to the exams taking place. The School Office does not produce exam results for students to collect.

Can I discuss my exam results with my module leader?

If students wish to discuss a particular exam paper, they should contact the module leader of the exam concerned to arrange an appointment. This may only be done by sending an email request to the module leader of the module concerned after the publication of results. If feedback on more than one module is required, a separate request must be sent for each module. The deadline for submitting such requests will be one week after the publication of results.

What happens if I fail my exams?

If you fail some modules, you will need to wait for the Board of Examiners to decide what they think should happen.

In most cases failed modules will lead to a resit, which usually takes place in the August. Occasionally you will be able to go into the next year and 'carry' a failed module (no more than 20 credits of non-core). Resit marks will be capped at 40%.

As every student is different, we would recommend that you take advice from your Personal Tutor after the Board of Examiners.

Who do I go to if I have a problem?

If you experience any difficulties, you are welcome to discuss these with your Personal Tutor, the Stage Tutor, the Undergraduate Degree Programme Director, School Management Staff or administrative staff in the School Office. The University's Student Wellbeing Service also offers a range of services which aim to support students during their time here in order to ensure successful completion of their studies. Their services are available throughout the year and are completely free and confidential.

What is the IET & how do I join

The Institute of Engineering Technology encourages students to become members in order for you to engage with the global engineering and technology community. More information can be found on the IET website

The School will pay for student membership during your first year of study within the school.

How do I become a course representative?

If you wish to become a course representative, you can contact either your Personal or Stage Tutor or the Undergraduate Secretary in the School Office.

Taught Postgraduate (M.Sc)

Who should I report to with general enquiries?

Our MSc Support Officer, Claire Dougherty will be happy to assist with any queries you may have,

Will I receive any funding from the School?

The School does offer a scholarship to all Self-financing students. Please go to for further information, or contact our MSc Support Officer.

How do I check my timetable?

You can view your timetable at Students are encouraged to check their timetables regularly for any possible changes.

What should I do if I have any personal issues/problems?

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control - illness, personal problems etc. The most important thing you can do is to tell your school about the problems you are having. To do this, complete a PEC form (PEC stands for Personal and Extenuating Circumstances). Please go to

What happens if I fail an exam?

All students who fail any modules, will be automatically entered for a resit.

If I am entered for more than 1 resit exam, should I resit them all?

We would recommend that you sit ALL resit exams, although it is entirely up to you if you choose to do this.

Which calculators can be used during exams?

Please refer to the University's Calculator Policy

How do I get my exam results? Can I discuss the exam results with anyone at the School?

Information regarding exam results can be found at

Can I work during my studies?

Information regarding working during your studies can be found at

Am I able to change modules?

Information on modules amendment/changes can be found in your degree specific handbook which you were provided with during induction week, handbooks are also available online

Am I able to change programmes once teaching has begun?

If you decide once teaching has begun that the programme is not suited to you. You will need to follow the procedures at

What is the grading structure?

MSc students that achieve an average mark of more than 50 across all of their assessments will achieve a Pass. Students that receive an average mark of more than 60 across all assessments will be considered for the award of pass with Merit. Those that achieve an average mark of more than 70 across all assessments will be considered for the award of a Distinction. Please go to for further information.

I'm an international student, if I want to take holiday during teaching weeks, what can I do?

Leaving the UK, e.g. to tour Europe, MAY be possible BUT you need to be aware that the UK Border Agency do not always permit students to return to the UK - if for instance, they only have a week or two left on their official course dates, or only have a short period left on their student visa. In these circumstances, UKBA have questioned a student's intentions on seeking to return to the UK. If you leave the UK during your holiday please therefore take care to carry all appropriate documents that you may need for re-entry. You are advised not to leave the UK if you have any doubt about whether you will be permitted to re-enter the UK. If you require more information please contact the University's Visa Team. You are advised to travel only after you have completed your programme, but you also need to be aware of that your UK visa may not then permit European travel with Schengen visas.

Research Postgraduate (Ph.D.)

How do I get help with my computer/software?

University Information Systems & Services (ISS) is based in Claremont Tower. ISS manages the main computing infrastructure of the University. The School has its own IT Team to provide support for local users and machines please request help at the following link

For international students - I need to renew my visa who do I need to contact to help me?

The Visa Team are Newcastle University's designated student visa advisers - please go to the following link for further information

How many days holiday am I entitled to and how do I book these?

Full-time PGR students will be entitled to up to 7 weeks (35 working days) annual holiday, which will include all University fixed closure days and the 8 public holidays. The University fixed closure days will fall during the Christmas/New Year period and the days either side of the Easter weekend. This holiday entitlement, including public holidays and University fixed days, will be applied pro-rata to part-time PGR students. No holiday leave can be more than 1 month in length at a time.

Holidays can be taken at any time in each holiday year, but must be agreed in advance with the supervisory team and bearing in mind a student's individual sponsor terms and conditions. It is expected that permission will not be withheld unreasonably taking into account all the factors involved, both personal and organisational.

Please complete the 'notice of absence' and submit to your school/institute office when completed;
Students may be required by their sponsors to provide an explanation/justification if they are absent for a longer period and for International students this leave must be in accordance with the University's Attendance Monitoring requirements. Holidays will not normally be carried forward from one holiday year to the next.

When do I need to submit my Research Proposal/Plan and what are the requirements?

As an approved project is one of the requirements for confirmation of candidature and progression on the research programme this needs to be done as soon as possible after the student has started at the University and certainly no later than 3 months from first registration Section One should be completed by the Research Candidate. The following evidence needs to be submitted in order that the project can be considered by an Independent School Panel.

  • a research proposal;
  • a research plan;

This can be attached as documents or can be completed on the form on-line via -

The Research Candidate must have answered each of the ethical approval questions on the Preliminary Ethical Assessment Form and attached it to their project approval form. If the response is 'yes' to any of the questions on the Preliminary Ethical Assessment form, a plan for addressing the ethical issues raised by the proposal must be submitted using the University full ethics approval application, which should be sent to the School/Institute's Research Ethics Officer.

Once Section one has been completed the form should be submitted to the academic supervisor who should identify the supervisory team, provide a supporting statement and pass the form to a school panel.

It should be noted that, where a project proposal has already been reviewed and approved by external peer review, a project plan and supervisory team list should still be submitted to the panel for approval before being submitted for approval by the dean of postgraduate studies.

How do I join the IET?

The Institute of Engineering Technology encourages students to become members in order for you to engage with the global engineering and technology community. More information can be found on the IET website

The School will pay for student membership throughout your PhD

Who do I go to if I have an enquiry/problem?

The School Office is on the First Floor of the School building is the first point of contact for all administrative matters. Mrs Gill Webber, the Postgraduate Research Coordinator is your main contact. Please note the following:

The Director of Postgraduate Studies has a responsibility for all postgraduate students within the School. Any difficulties you have, which you are unable to resolve with your supervisors, should be referred to the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

General queries for all levels

Do we have an IEEE Student Branch?

Yes there is an IEEE Newcastle University Student Branch. More about the revived IEEE Student Branch from a School News item.

How do I get help with a school computer/IT problem?

Please see the webpage EEE IT - IT Service Requests

My smartcard does not allow me access to the Computer Lab (1st floor) or the Electronics Lab (3rd floor)?

There are several possible reasons for this

  1. Wave your smartcard in front of any of the lab door sensors. If the green LED does not light up or flash your card is defective. You will need to go to the Robinson Library and get a new smartcard. When you get your new card email giving your student name and student number (that appears directly under your name on the card. NOT the 'U' number.) so that the new chip number can be entered on to the Merz Court system.
  2. If the green LED flashes 3 times - your card is working. However you have not been granted access to the lab.
    Usually this is because you have not completed the Health and Safety declaration form. Your handbook states "You must read and sign the health & safety declaration before you will be given access to the Computing and Electronics lab."
    Please read the health & safety information relating to your course/year within the Current Students page then complete the declaration form linked at the bottom. Once we have the completed form please allow 24 hours for your access to be enabled. (Please note that at busy periods like the start of the academic year this can take up to 72 hours).
  3. Out of hours the smartcard sensors may also flash 3 times indicating that access is not granted to you at this time.

The computers in EEE won't let me login? (error "You cannot log on because the logon method you are using is not allowed on this computer. Please see your network administrator for more information.")

In EEE we have dedicated computer and lab equipment for EEE (and also PHY) module takers. If you get presented with the above error message at login it means you may not be listed as 'fully registered'. This may be because you are not registered on any EEE or PHY modules or you have optional modules which require confirmation. To confirm your module choices you will need to login to S3P. These screen shots show a typical S3P session to confirm module choices. Other reasons for not being classed as 'fully registered' include fee problems and smartcard collection issues.

Occasionally the message detailed (or similar) may mean that your account has been suspended either by ISS (over the whole University) or EEE (within Merz Court) - you should contact EEE IT if you feel that this is your problem.