Postgraduate Conference Abstract

Power Electronics, Drives and Machines

Tan, Mark Y. C.

Line-Start Synchronous Machine

Supervisor: Alan G Jack

Line-start synchronous motors have found application in a wide range of domestic appliances. This type of motor has become an alternative to the other machines such as universal and induction motors. This paper reports the design of a line-start permanent magnet synchronous motor. Several designs have been investigated, and a machine design with overlapped windings has been considered in some detail. This particular design enhances the flux linkage in the machine hence reducing the leakage inductance of the machine. In pursuit of the aim to obtain a cost effective design, a comparison was made between the use of two different types of permanent magnet (NdFeB and ferrite). The motor design involves an electronic controller to initiate the starting of the motor and making sure that the motor runs smoothly at synchronous speed. Different types of electronic controllers, one using triacs and another using thyristors with bifilar winding configuration, have been investigated.