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The postgraduate conference held by Newcastle University's School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering has proved a great success. The event was managed by a student-led organisation on 13th and 14th January 2010 with speakers from Siemens, Careers Services, National Instruments and the IET. The PGC2010 was rated by 80% of the audience as "impressive" - so a big thank you goes out to all involved!- Iban Lopetegui, Conference Chair.

Welcome to the PGC2010

Welcome to the PGC2010, a student-led and organised postgraduate conference held in Newcastle University's School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.

Newcastle University has developed unique expertise in diverse fields of research, such as wireless communications, sensors and devices for harsh environments. The Postgraduate Conference is an excellent opportunity to meet people from other research areas, exchange knowledge, discuss common research interests and develop communication skills.

This year, a new peer review system has been included in the PGC. The committee members were delighted with the response obtained throughout this process and believe that participants can improve their scientific writing by critical appraisal of their peers.

National InstrumentsThe PGC2010 committee is lucky to be able to include keynote talks and exhibition stands from Siemens, National Instruments and The Institution of Engineering and Technology, as well as contributions from the Career services. The conference will be opened by Professor Bryn Jones, Dean of Postgraduate study at Newcastle University, with a short talk to follow from the careers service. The plenary will then be given by Rod Jones, one of the leading Research & Development Senior Engineers at Siemens Wind Power R&D, based in Keele University. The talk will discuss "Technical challenges in the development of a full scale power converter for a commercial wind turbine".

LabVIEW National InstrumentsDuring the second day, talks will be given by National Instruments and The Institution of Engineering and Technology. National Instruments have both hardware and software that is widely available to the university, and will focus on how researchers can make the most of the licences the university has and events they will be hosting in the near future, with a specific emphasis on renewable energy and signal processing. Finally, the Institute of Engineering and Technology will give a talk on what the institute does and the benefits of membership.

The PGC2010 committee would like to express our gratitude for our generous sponsors that made this event possible. Contributions from Siemens, National Instruments and the NCL+ foundation at Newcastle University have allowed the committee to bring more value and clarity to the postgraduate conference. We would also like to extend our personal thanks to the Postgraduate Research Coordinator: Mrs Gill Webber, the Director of Postgraduate Studies: Dr. Zahawi, Web Chair; Dr. Clark.

We hope you enjoy the conference.

The Postgraduate Conference Committee

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