Student Staff Committee.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate staff/student committees meets approximately once per term to consider all aspects of teaching and administration in the School.

If you are interested in becoming a stage representative for either committee, or would like to find out more on how this committee operates then please contact Liane Brierley, EEE School Office for further information.

Please note: Photos are only visible from on Campus (or via RAS).

Current Taught (UG & MSc) Student Reps 2015/16
Course Representative Deputy Representative
Foundation Year Vacancy Vacancy
Stage 1 EEE Melissa Joseph
Stage 1 ECE Kumail Vacancy
Stage 2 EEE Ayusha Aman
Stage 2 ECE Yoganathan Suad
Stage 3 EEE Gregory Johnny
Stage 3 ECE MEng Scott (chair) Adam
Stage 3 ECE BEng Akram  
Stage 4 EEE Lars Vacancy
Stage 4 ECE Marc Vacancy
Singapore B.Eng Electrical Power Engineering Stage 2 Choo Jun Lei Nor'Atiqah Putra Binte Mohamed Ali
Singapore B.Eng Electrical Power Engineering Stage 3 Lew Wai Kit Kenneth Lim Gui Hao Brenda
MSc Automation & Control
Anubhi (Chair) Yimeng
MSc Communications & Signal Processing
MSc Wires
Aminata Banafsaj
MSc Electrical Power
Joe Yin
MSc Microelectronics
Xuanli Yu
Power Distribution
Adekunle Rose

Current Research Student Reps 2014/15
Group Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
CSSP Ghazal (E2.05b) Sunny (E2.05) Di (E2.05)
EP Ehsan (UG) Yaman (UG)
(Vice Chair)
Nabeel (UG)
ETM Wina (E4.28) Neal (E4.28) Sandip (E4.45)
µSys Kaiyuan (E4.21) Austin (E4.21) Hubin (E4.21)

Minutes from the most recent staff student committees (EEE access only).