School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Centre for Advanced Electrical Drives

Centre for Advanced Electrical Drives

The Centre for Advanced Electrical drives within the Electrical Power Research Group has a long history of successful research collaborations with industrial partners.

The Centre for Advanced Electric Drives

The Centre for Advanced Electrical Drives (CAED) helps industry apply cutting-edge research to commercial motor drive products.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver:

  • High performance, high speed, low-cost and high-efficiency projects
  • Professional service offering with a proven track record of success

We provide industrial partners with access to our world-leading Motors, Drives and Power Electronics researchers. We have collaborated with distinguished organisations such as Jaguar Land Rover, Airbus, Dyson, Goodrich, Cummins and Toyota / Volvo (through our partnership with Höganäs).

Advanced Propulsion Centre UK Partnership

The Advanced Propulsion Centre UK - Electric Machine Spoke Logo

We are a member of the prestigious Spokes Network, a national network to support the automotive  industry with specialist academic, technological and commercial expertise, part of the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK.

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