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Newcastle Electromagnetics Interest Group

Newcastle Electromagnetics Interest Group (NEMIG)

The Newcastle Electromagnetics Interest Group (NEMIG), which comprises both students and staff, aims to provide a vehicle for electromagnetics related discussion and research in order to reignite the subject in the city

This follows on from a long heritage in Newcastle of pioneering electrical engineering that relied upon the subject, such as development of three phase power systems and high voltage turbo generators among many others.

We believe the great Oliver Heaviside, notable for popularising and transforming the work of James Clerk Maxwell and electrical engineering in general, first read electromagnetic theory in Newcastle after discovering Maxwell's treatise in the library.

The group enjoys visits from external speakers who present on their chosen aspect of electromagnetic theory. Please check out the events list below. The events have been highly stimulating and have generated great interest in the group from a number of avenues.

The group also meets regularly to discuss topics and future events. We welcome all to the group meetings and events from all Schools from undergraduates to Professors. So please feel free to join us.


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  • NEMIG Seminar: From a Spark to a Flame: Wireless Telegraphy in the North-East up to and including World War One

    Date/Time: Friday 16 December 2016, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

    Venue: CPD Room M4.13, 4th floor, Merz Court

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