Multiphase velocity profile measurement using induced electromagnetic sensor array

From August 2007 to February 2009
Project Leader(s): Prof. G.Y. Tian
Staff: Prof. G. Lucas
Sponsors: EPSRC (EP/E013031)
Partners: B P International Ltd

This project is to undertake a feasibility study using AC and pulsed electromagnetic fields to induce voltages for measuring the continuous phase velocity profile in multiphase flows where the continuous phase is an electrical conductor and the dispersed phase(s) has relatively low electrical conductivity. It is envisioned that such a device could ultimately be used, for example, in conjunction with a dual-plane Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) system to enable velocity profile measurements of both (all) phases to be made in two (or three) phase flows. Recent numerical simulation work at Huddersfield has demonstrated that induced voltage electromagnetic flow meters can be used for velocity profile measurement of the conducting continuous phase and that the influence of the mixture conductivity is relatively small. An 18-month research associate will be required for a theoretical and experimental study of electromagnetic flow measurement using an electrode sensor array. The proposal seeks to achieve the generation of a new type of electromagnetic multiphase flowmeter with the novel capability of a high performance dynamic response on velocity profile measurement, together with a proof-of-concept prototype.


Professor Gui Yun Tian
Professor of Sensor Technologies