Low Cost Machines & Drives for Mass Production (EPSRC Platform Grant)

From May 2004 to May 2008
Project Leader(s): Prof. Barrie Mecrow
Sponsors: EPSRC (GR/S60044)

This platform grant will support long term research into the production of low cost electrical machines and drives. It will complement a large volume of industrially funded work on this topic, enabling the researchers to undertake more long term strategic projects. The research will focus on: production of novel machine topologies, progressing recent breakthroughs which the group has achieved with switched reluctance and permanent magnet machines; new materials developments, based upon the groups recent work on soft magnetic composites; new machine construction techniques, based around segmental components; low cost power electronic controllers, incorporating new integrated packaging techniques; low cost converter technologies and sensor elimination schemes. Investigators combine knowledge across the full spectrum of machines, drives and power electronics, enabling an integrated approach to be applied to the whole system. The grant will aid retention of critical research staff and support increased research links with other academic and industrial groups throughout the world. These links will enable cross-fertilisation of ideas and help with the career development of research staff.


Dr Dave Atkinson
Senior Lecturer..

Emeritus Professor John Finch
Emeritus Professor

Professor Alan Jack
Emeritus Professor

Professor Barrie Mecrow
Professor of Electrical Power

Professor Volker Pickert
Professor of Power Electronics

Professor Nick Wright