Sensorless Drives for Aerospace Applications, Engineering Doctorate - Stephen Borman

From September 2002 to August 2006
Project Leader(s): Dr Dave Atkinson, Prof. Alan Jack
Sponsors: EPSRC
Partners: Fr-Hitemp, Fareham

This project is concerned with research into sensorless brushless DC motor (BDCM) drives for an aerospace application. Aircraft store fuel in tanks located in the wings and pumps are used to transfer fuel from the tanks. For cost and reliability reasons, it is advantageous to remove the need for a position sensor on the motor. This entails the use of real-time position estimation techniques. The research is investigating the use of digital signal processor hardware to implement such a scheme.

Typical waveforms for BDCM drive

Prototype converter and control electronics

Brush DC fuel pump motor


Dr Dave Atkinson
Senior Lecturer..

Professor Alan Jack
Emeritus Professor