Dr Albert Koelmans

Albert is a member of the Microelectronics System Design research group.

Esteem Indicators

  • Received the IEE Premium award for the paper in IEE CDT Journal May 2004 (Asynchronous synthesis using direct mapping using VHDL and Petri Nets)
  • Received the 2003 Gold Award for Innovative Teaching from EASIT-Eng, the committee for Evaluative and Advisory Support to Encourage Innovative Teaching in Engineering, together with N. Coleman, for our work in developing courseware for teaching Machine Architecture. 
  • Referee for Formal Methods Journal.
  • Referee for IEE Journal on Computers and Digital Techniques.
  • Referee for IEEE Micro.
  • Program committee, Int. Petri Net Conf. 2001.
  • Chairman, UK Embedded Forum (yearly).
  • Program committee, session chair, ESS conference (yearly)