Electrical Power MSc

Why choose this course?

This MSc programme comprises mixture of lectures, tutorials, coursework and practical laboratory classes. This course is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to embark on a career as a design or development engineer in the field of electrical power engineering and to develop transferable skills in research and knowledge acquisition. A successful postgraduate student will be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the key subject areas of:

  • Electrical Machines
  • Electrical Power
  • Power Electronics
  • State Space Analysis and Controller Design
  • Control of Electric Drives
  • Design of Modern Electrical Machines and Drives
  • Power Systems Operation

They will be equipped with the ability to devise experiments and carry them out safely with due regard for the safety of others, as well as an ability to plan, execute and report on a programme of project work within a closely specified timescale.

Students will be able to use relevant test and measurement equipment, experimental hardware, and software packages relevant to the field of electrical and power engineering. Throughout the programme, students will gain knowledge of industry standard computer aided design and analysis techniques appropriate to electrical power, for example the use of software packages such as MagNet, MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice and ERACS.

An individual research project offers students an excellent opportunity to personally explore the practical application of skills learnt in the classroom and laboratory. They will be able to simulate, design, and/or construct a system in selected areas of electrical power and search for, and retrieve, information from a wide range of resources. The project also allows students to demonstrate the technical expertise that underpins informed project planning, design and decision making, and report writing in the area of electrical power.

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