Two AHRC-funded Doctoral Studentships: Children’s Literature and the Culture of Exploration

This project will investigate the ways in which journeys of discovery have featured in children's literature, and how children's literature has affected perceptions of exploration. Two studentships are offered. It is envisaged that one will focus on the period 1750-1875 (SEL01) and that the other will concentrate on 1875 to the present (SEL02), although this arrangement is flexible. The successful candidates will spend two years working in the Children’s Literature Unit in Newcastle and one year at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The Museum’s uniquely rich collections will ensure that these PhDs can investigate not only how maritime and polar exploration has been represented in children’s literature, from Gulliver’s Travels to Northern Lights, but also how these representations have contributed to the construction of a culture of exploration in Britain.

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published on: 25th April 2008