Careers & Employability

The School knows how important it is to provide the best possible advice to students on their future careers and job prospects. We help students to capitalise on the full value of their degrees through a number of mechanisms:

An innovation award-winning project exploring how degrees from the School enhance employability is being run by PhD student/entrepreneur Jane Nolan MBE and Professor Jenny Richards. Learn more about it here.

Events and Additional Resources

Triple-E Event

Triple-E Event

  • SELLL and Newcastle University's Careers Service recently hosted the successful Triple-E Event to challenge and inform 2nd Stage students;
  • Visit the SELLLCareers Blog for information on employability events;
  • Find out more about where our graduates are succeeding;
  • Short Alumni video interviews.

Once you graduate, we hope you will join our Alumni network. Connections through other graduates will be an important step for getting the career head start you may need. Engage. Ask questions. Remember that you are the architect of your own success. We are here to help.