School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Staff-Student Committee

Student-Staff Committee

The Student-Staff Committee is made up of both staff and student representatives. Its aim is to improve communication between the two and discuss matters of mutual concern.

Any issues raised by the Student-Staff Committee are then passed to the Board of Studies for more formal discussion.

UGSSC Members 2016-17

Course representatives are:

Q100 - Devon Bell and Samantha Cooke

Q1T4 - Alex Thompson

Q300 - Reese Champion

Q302 - Matthew Carter and James Donoghue

Q306 - Jordan Duffy, Talia Gillin, Elizabeth RichingsRobert Robinson, Ian Wallace and Victoria Wilson

QV31 - Isabel Sykes

QW38 - Grace Tompkins

Y001 - Emily Robinson

Feel free to contact your representatives with any concerns or ideas.

Other Student Representatives:

Career & Employability Champions - TBC

Cafe Project Manager - Felix MacKay

EngSoc President - George Hubbard

School Representative - Kevin Tai

Staff Members:

Head of School - James Annesley

Head of Literature - Ruth Connolly

Head of Language/Linguistics - Geoff Poole

Head of Creative Writing - Bill Herbert

Degree Programme Director - Kirsten MacLeod

School Manager - Lesley Lant

Administrative Support - Emily Smith

Library Representative - Lucy Keating

NUIT Representative - Ian Smith

Become a member

If you would like to be a course rep, please contact the Student Chair.

Student-Staff Committee member nominations for Chair and Deputy Chair will take place during the last meeting each year.