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Language & Linguistics

Language & Linguistics

Professor Karen Corrigan
Prof of Linguistics & English Language

Dr Cristina Dye
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Language Development

Dr SJ Hannahs
Reader in Linguistics

Professor Anders Holmberg
Professor in Theoretical Linguistics

Dr Adam Mearns

Dr Hermann Moisl
Reader in Computational Linguistics

Dr Heike Pichler
Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Dr Geoffrey Poole
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Professor Maggie Tallerman
Professor of Linguistics

Dr Jennifer Thorburn
Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Dr William van der Wurff
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Dr Joel Wallenberg
Lecturer in the History of Eng Lang

Professor Diana Whaley
Professor of Early Medieval Studies

Professor Martha Young-Scholten
Professor of Second Language Acquisition

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