Syntax and variation: reconciling the biological and the social (2005)

Editor(s): Cornips L, Corrigan KP

    Notes: This major co-edited volume on syntax and variation (55% by me) was independently refereed and also overseen by Konrad Koerner, the series editor. It includes a chapter (30 pages) by the editors (again, 55% by me) that provides a retrospective and prospective critical review of different approaches to these sub-fields of linguistics. The impetus for the book came from a workshop, which Cornips and myself organised in June 2003 during the ‘Second International Conference on Language Variation in Europe’ at the University of Uppsala as well as from previous funded collaborative research by us (also published in 2005, this time by Cambridge University Press). There are excellent contributions by some of the top names in the fields of generative syntax, historical linguistics, language acquisition and sociolinguistics. The publication of this book is an important achievement for the progress of linguistic theory more generally as well as being a crucial milestone in the maturation of ‘Socio-Syntax’ as a discipline in its own right.

      • Series Title: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory
      • Volume: 265
      • Number of Pages: 309
      • Publisher: John Benjamins
      • Publication type: Edited book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Professor Karen Corrigan
        Prof of Linguistics & English Language