Girls Only? Gender and Popular Juvenile Fiction in Britain 1880-1910 (1990)

Author(s): Reynolds, Kimberley

  • : Girls Only?

Abstract: Considers the relationship between constructions of gender and popular juvenile fiction, including periodicals, for young people in the late-Victorian/Edwardian period in Britian. The educational context is set, and a range of theoretical approaches applied. Includes case studies of Evelyn Everett-Green, L.T. Meade, G.A. Henty and Talbot Baines Reed.

  • Short Title: Girls Only?
  • Series Title: n/a
  • Number of Pages: 182
  • Publisher: Harvester/Wheatsheaf, UK; Temple University Press, USA
  • Publication type: Authored book
  • Bibliographic status: Published

Keywords: children's literaturem childhood, Victorian literature, Edwardian literature, gender, reading


Professor Kim Reynolds
Professor of Children's Literature