Rhetoric and Courtliness in Early Modern Literature (2003)

Author(s): Richards J

    Notes: Reviewed in Rhetorica (Autumn 2004; University of California Press) – ‘a fine example of cultural history’; ‘Richards makes a convincing argument that “civil conversation” should be seen as contributing to critical thought in the sixteenth century’ – and in Notes and Queries (Autumn, 2004: Oxford University Press): this book ‘provides valuable approaches … thought-provoking and nicely controversial … fascinating in its implications …This book’s great value is its exploration of discarded pathways in the history of ideas’. Good reviews also in 'The Sixteenth Century Journal', special issue of 'Criticism' and 'Studies in English Literature'.

      • Number of Pages: 212
      • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
      • Publication type: Authored book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Professor Jennifer Richards
        Professor of Early Modern Literature & Culture