Areas of Supervision in Film

  • British film and British film culture, mainly 1940s to the present day; feminist film historiography; female creative agency in film production; representations of femininity in popular culture; questions of gender, national identity and cultural consciousness (Dr Melanie Bell)
  • Early film and film culture in Britain, Europe and North America; the relationship between modernism and cinema; Hollywood since 1975; points of contact between film and literature; writing on film; film analysis; intermediality (Dr Andrew Shail)
  • Documentary and fiction film production; screenwriting; community media and interactive digital media (Ms Tina Gharavi)
  • Science fiction film and television; feminist film theory; feminist media studies; detective fiction film and television; feminism and popular culture (Dr Stacy Gillis)
  • Cinema with an anti-colonial or postcolonial theme (e.g. Gillo Pontecorvo; Ousmane Sembene); contemporary Indian cinema (Neelam Srivastava)
  • Representing touch in film; Theorisations of the modernist film audience; The cinema writings of Dorothy Richardson; Expeditionary film making of the early twentieth century; Mountaineering photography and film (Dr Abbie Garrington)