Katherine Cooper

Doctoral Student in Literature (Twentieth Century)Katherine Cooper

Email: katherine.cooper@ncl.ac.uk


  • Dr Stacy Gillis
  • Professor Alison Light (2009-2011)
  • Dr Melanie Bell (2011- Present)


Beyond Borders: Nation and Nationality in Storm Jameson's Novels of World War Two

My thesis reappraises the work of Margaret Storm Jameson in the context of more contemporary theories around war and nation. It assesses the strength and originality of her novels of World War Two through analysis of her evolving presentation of the nations of Europe at times of national threat, occupation and liberation. It comes to argue that Jameson's work both reflects and challenges contemporary discourses around culture, civilisation and nation in a way that reinforces her importance as a key literary and political figure of the twentieth century.

Research Interests

My research interests include women's writing, the middlebrow, representations of war (particularly the World Wars) and nationhood. I am particularly interested in the intersections between these areas such as women writing about war and/or nationhood, nationhood in times of war and the politics of women's writing, both in an early twentieth century and in a more contemporary context.

Research Activities



I have taught the 'Contemporary Poetry' sessions of the PARTNERS Summer School for the last three years. I also teach on the Undergraduate modules 'Introduction to Literary Studies' I & II. I am also the co-ordinator of the School's Postgraduate Forum, arranging careers talks for postgraduate students from academics in the School of English on topics such as 'How to Build an Academic CV' and 'What is a Postdoc?'


I have organised the following conferences in the School of English:

  • April 2012, The Popular and the Middlebrow: Women's Writing 1880-1940 (Newcastle University)
  • March 2011, War and Gender (Newcastle University)
  • June 2009, Echoes of the Past: Women, History and Memory in Fiction and Film (Newcastle University)

I have assisted at the following conferences in the School of English:

  • June 2008, A Woman's Place: Locating the Feminine in Modern and Contemporary Culture (Newcastle University)
  • April 2008 The Literary Art of Murder (Newcastle University)

Selected conference papers:

  • March 2012, 'The Good German: De-Nazifying Germany in Storm Jameson's The Other Side', WAR-Net Biannual Meeting, University of London.
  • September 2011, 'Marginalisation, Modernism and the Middlebrow in the early novels of Margaret Storm Jameson', The Popular Imagination and the Dawn of Modernism: Middlebrow Writing 1890-1930, University of London
  • July 2011, '"It was the happiest country in Europe": The Myth of Czechoslovakia in Storm Jameson's Novels of World War Two', The Second World War and Popular Culture, Brighton University


  • Cooper, Katherine. '"His Dearest Property": Women, Nation and Displacement in Storm Jameson's Cloudless May' in Angela K. Smith and Sandra Barkof, eds. War and Displacement (Under Consideration with Routledge)
  • Cooper, Katherine, and Emma Short, eds. The Female Figure in Contemporary Historical Fiction (Forthcoming, Palgrave Macmillan 2012)
  • Cooper, Katherine, '"Things Slipping between Past and Present": Feminism and the Gothic in Kate Mosse's Sepulchre' in Katherine Cooper and Emma Short, eds. The Female Figure in Contemporary Historical Fiction (Forthcoming, Palgrave Macmillan 2012)
  • Cooper, Katherine. Rev. of Jennifer Birkett, Margaret Storm Jameson: A Life in Modern Language Review 105.1 (Jan 2010): 242-3


I served as the chair of the School's Postgraduate Staff-Student Committee (2011-2012) and as the School's Postgraduate Representative on the Faculty Postgraduate Board (2011-2012). I have served as a Student Representative on the School's Postgraduate Staff-Student Committee for the last five years. I am also a member of the Postgraduate Steering Committee for Newcastle University's Gender Research Group and the Postgraduate Representative on the WAR-Net Organising Committee. I am the administrator and the Assistant Book Reviews Editor for Feminist Theory Journal.

Academic Background

  • 2009 - AHRC Doctoral Fellowship for Ph.D. in English Literature, Newcastle University
  • 2009 - M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Studies, Newcastle University
  • 2005 - B.A. in English, Sussex University