School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Callum Hackett

Callum Hackett

PhD in Linguistics


Supervisors: Maggie Tallerman and Anders Holmberg

Research Project

The Third Factor in Language Evolution

My main interest is in how Homo sapiens uniquely acquired an ability for language during the past 7 million years, since the time our lineage split with that of chimpanzees and bonobos (our closest living relatives). I hope to find ways of rooting our species’ apparent evolutionary luck in deep principles of cognitive design by relating the study of biolinguistics to theories of minimalist syntax and its interfaces with morphology and semantics.

Research Interests

language evolution, minimalism, syntax, morphology, computational linguistics, first language acquisition

Research Activities

Mar. 2017, Presentation: ‘A Variational Model of Root Infinitives During Language Acquisition’, 12th Newcastle upon Tyne Graduate Conference in Linguistics.

Autumn 2016: I led graduate workshops in Academic Writing for Language and Linguistics.

Academic Background

University of Oxford (Balliol College): M.Phil., Linguistics

University of Oxford (Merton College): B.A., English Language and Literature


Callum Hackett