As an interdisciplinary research centre, Swan brings together researchers from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds to:

  • deliver holistic, cutting-edge research
  • develop understanding
  • find new ways of meeting the growing energy needs in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way


The core focus of our work is to improve the efficient utilisation of energy and support end use energy demand. Our research contributes to the global challenges of energy security, energy efficiency, including waste reduction, and de-carbonisation.

Energy Demand Management & Reduction – To achieve end-use energy demand reduction in transport, industry and buildings. Research includes thermal energy heat recovery, conversion and utilisation (including low grade heat), process optimisation, building physics and life cycle analysis.

Energy Storage – To achieve long term energy security through improved energy storage. Our research includes thermal energy storage and electrical storage at a variety of scales.

Energy Supply & Generation – To improve energy efficiency of thermal power plants. Our research includes technology development of alternative fuels for thermal power plants, including hydrogen and biofuels, combined heat and power systems, tri-generation, anaerobic digestion, emissions monitoring and reduction technology, unconventional engine and other thermal power system configurations and performance modelling and simulation.


BMT-CES - Biofuel Micro-Trigeneration with Cryogenic Energy Storage

Global Secure - GLOBAL Sustainable Energy through China-UK Research Engagement

Green Foods - Towards Zero fossil CO2 emissions in the European food & beverage industry

HISMAR - Hull Identification System for Maritime Autonomous Robotics 

The magnetic and optical navigational system developed as part of the HISMAR project is currently being commercialised by NORHULL AS, a Norwegian based company aiming to use the unique navigation system with their STEELCRAWLER robot

Inomanship - INOvative energy MANagement system for cargo SHIP

LH-Cogen - Low grade heat driven adsorption-linear-expander cycle for cogeneration of power and refrigeration

ProTEM Network - Process Industry Thermal Energy Management

SusTEM Network - Sustainable Thermal Energy Management Network

TEDDI - Building Management and Energy Demand

TEFLES - Technologies and Scenarios for Low Emissions Shipping

ULYSSES - Ultra Slow Ships