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Dr Haimeng Wu

Research Associate


Haimeng is currently working as a Research Associate at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University and he has been with the Electrical Power Research Group as a postdoctoral researcher since 2015. He received the B.Sc. degree from Chongqing University, Chongqing, China in 2008 and the M.Sc. degree from College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, in 2011. In 2012, He received a full Ph.D. scholarship from Engineering and Physical Science Council (EPSRC) and China Scholarship Council (CSC) for his study in the UK and He had his Ph.D. degree in power electronics at Newcastle University in 2016. He has already published over 10 international journals and conference papers and been awarded 3 Chinese invention patents so far. He also has experience of serving as a reviewer for journals of IEEE Transaction and Journal of IET Transaction on Power Electronics. His current research interests include power conversion and control algorithm for electric vehicles.


     School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Newcastle University, England, UK.


  • Jan.2015-Feb 2016: Research Assistant

     School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Newcastle University, England, UK.

     Turbo Power System (TPS), Gateshead, England, UK.



  • Feb.2012-Mar 2016: Doctor of Philosophy

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Newcastle University, England, UK.

Study for Ph.D. degree, majors in Power Electronics and Drives

(Supervised by Prof. Volker Pickert and Dr. Dave Atkinson)

Ph.D. thesis title: “Stability analysis and control of DC-DC converters using Nonlinear Methodologies”

  • Sept.2008-June, 2011: Master of Science

College of Electrical Engineering in Zhejiang University, China.

Study for Master degree, majors in Power Electronics and Drives

(Supervised by Prof. Xiangning He and Prof. Wuhua Li)

MSc thesis title: “Fuel Cell and Supercapacitor Hybrid Generation System”

  • Sept 2004-June 2008: Bachelor of Science in Engineering

College of Electrical Engineering in Chongqing University, China.

Study for the Bachelor degree. majors in Electrical Engineering.

(Supervised by Prof. Mingyu Wang)

BSc thesis title: “DC-DC flyback converter for gate drive circuit using multi-winding transformer”


Research Projects:

★   Integrated EV Charger and BMS with Fully Active Balancing, Innovate UK. Newcastle University, UK, 2016-present (Partners: Hyperdrive, Amethyst, Opsol, Northern Grid)

This project is to design and test a novel battery charger using a multi-winding transformer for electric vehicle application. My research work is mainly focused on the design of the converter topology, verification the operation of converter using simulation, developing the new advanced control method and facilitating the hardware design and prototype testing work.

   Highly Compact Power DC/DC Converter for Low Carbon Vehicles (HiCo), TSB project, Newcastle University&Turbo Power System, UK. 2015-2016 (Partners: Lotus, Turbo Power Systems, Hyperdrive, Dynex, Hiflux, Wrexham Capacitors, International Transformers)

This project is to build and test a 50kW bidirectional phase-shift controlled DC-DC converter using compact components and structure for power traction application. My work is to conduct the related implementation and programming of control methods; facilitate the design of 50 kW phase shift controlled Dual Active Bridge (DAB) DC-DC converter and completing the full power field testing work at Turbo Power System 2015.

   Vehicle Electrical System Integration (VESI) EPSRC project, Newcastle University, UK, 2012-2014 (Partners: Warwick, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, City, Sheffield, Southampton, Cranfield Liverpool John Moores University )

This project sponsored by EPSRC and is cooperated with other 9 universities and over 20 industrial partners in the UK. The aim of this project is to reduce cost, size and improve the reliability of the electrical power systems by integration of functionality in automotive applications. My research is to design a DC-DC converter by applying advanced control method to reduce the size of the inductor, modeling the system using the nonlinear analysis and developing the control methods to improve the system’s stability and performance. This project is associated with my Ph.D. research work and all the research findings have been summarized in my Ph.D. thesis and published journal paper.

  High Torque Density Switched Reluctance Drive System for Low Carbon Vehicles TSB project, Newcastle University, UK, 2013 (Partners: Sevcon, Cummins Generator Technologies Limited, Stamford)

This project is to develop a highly innovative electrical machine and drive system for low carbon vehicles, capable of providing tractive power or acting as a generator and which is both cost-competitive and suitable for high volume manufacture. My research focuses on the investigation of various types of DC link capacitors for traction SRM drives in high-temperature automotive environments and the study on advanced control algorithms of reducing capacitance.
  Fuel Cell and Supercapacitor Hybrid Generation System, Zhejiang University, China, 2010-2011. (Partners: Delta Electronics)

This project is to develop a hybrid generation system based on the fuel cell using supercapacitor as the energy storage system. My research work is relevant to the analysis of the system structure, investigation on the various converters (high gain DC-DC converters, bidirectional DC-DC Converters, and DC-AC inverters), developing the energy control strategy, simulation and hardware design of the system. This project is associated with the study of my master degree. 

   Hybrid Renewable Energy Distributed Generation Systems, Delta Major Project, Zhejiang University China.2009-2010. (Partners: Delta Electronics)

This project is sponsored by Delta Electronics Group which is to carry out some research activities on a distributed generation system using hybrid renewable energy sources. My work is to conduct research on the design of a high compact bi-directional DC-DC converter integrated with a coupled inductor and developing an advanced power management method in the energy storage system. A 1 kW DSP controlled prototype of the converter has been built and tested with excellent performance.

 50W Power Converter for Power over Ethernet (PoE) System with Input Current Balance Control in Four-pair Architecture Zhejiang University, China, 2008-2009. (Partners: National Semiconductor (USA))

This project is sponsored by the National Semiconductor (USA) conducting the research activity at Zhejiang University micro power system design joint laboratory. My research is to design a new parallel converter with input current balance control for a power over ethernet (PoE) system using a four-pair architecture, verifying the new structure and corresponding control strategy in the simulation, working on hardware design and PCB layout and testing the designed prototype.