School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Jack Hale

Reader in Structural Dynamics



Chartered Engineer

Fellow, IMechE
Fellow, Institute of Physics


Research Interests

Smart structures: active vibration control of low damping structures using piezoelectric sensors and actuators to measure the vibration and reduce it by feeding back to the actuators signals derived from the sensors.  The current thrust of the research is on optimisation of the control algorithms and the location of the sensors and actuators using genetic algorithms.

Thick–film vibration sensors: piezoelectric paint.  Characterising and developing piezoelectric paint for sensor applications in difficult environments

Other Expertise

Prior to returning to university in 1991 I was a Section Leader at UKAEA, developing optical, mechanical handling and measurement systems for use in radioactive environments.
In my previous industrial jobs (with breaks for my MSc and PhD), I worked in a coal mine, a plastics processing factory, a geotechnical site investigation company and an engineering consultancy. A chequered history!

Esteem Indicators

Member of EPSRC assessment panel
Reviewer for EPSRC
Internal and external PhD examiner
Reviewer for Proc IMechE, Journal of Materials Science, MacMillan, McGraw-Hill
Member of committees for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Institute of Physics.
Recipient of IMechE 150th anniversary gold medal.

Industrial Relevance

Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Secondment Scheme (2006).
Spin-out Company: Hale-Stephenson Ltd, development of innovative pipeline condition monitoring products.

Supervision of undergraduate projects linked to industry, including Triumph Motorcycles, General Electric and Babcock.


US7,499,377 B2 and Euro04768352; Pressure Wave Piezoelectric Sensor (instrumentation for oil/gas primary separator vessels).


Stage 1: Introductory Mechanics in Stage 1

Stage 2: Engineering Design

Stage 3: Control Engineering

Stage 4 and MSc:  Vibration theory with application to engine vibration