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Dr Janie Ling Chin

Research Associate



I was appointed by Professor Tony Roskilly as the co-ordinator of the Process Industry Thermal Energy Management (PRO-TEM) network in September 2009.  I planed and organised network activities including forums, conferences and special issue publications to provide a platform which incorporated knowledge and experience from academia, industry, NGOs and other sector stakeholders. I was then worked as a project manager to manage a research grant funded by EPSRC entitled 'Small Items of Research Equipment at Newcastle University: Developing the Research Base in Healthcare Technologies, Sustainability and Digital Economy'.  In line with my part-time study, I was a research assistant working on an EU project entitled 'INOvative Energy MANagement System for Cargo SHIP (INOMANSHIP)'.  My main research area is life cycle assessment (LCA).


I quitted from my former teaching career so that I could expand my interest in project management. I enjoyed my previous roles as a network co-ordinator and then a project manager, which had both extended my experience and expanded my network. I am good with planning, organising and delivering tasks and events.  I always enjoy learning and look forward to developing my skills. Without hesitation, I grabbed the chance in November 2011 to develop my knowledge on LCA via full-time employment as a research assistant and part-time PhD study.  I completed the latter in 5 years.  Whilst I am currently working on Thermal Energy Challenge Network as the Network Manager, I also continue my LCA research applied for different systems or technologies.  

Roles and Responsibilities

Manage research network which involves all elements associated with project management, for example planning, coordinating, organising, budget monitoring etc.

Perform LCA study on various systems, for example (i) carbon capture and storage systems (on-going); and (ii) the power management system onboard cargo ships (completed)

Organise events such as international conferences and workshops to facilitate research dissemination

Prepare technical documents such as reports and journal articles for research dissemination 

Support Newcastle University's engagement with the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) 

Facilitate communication with internal and external colleagues in connection with all tasks related to EERA


  • PhD in Life Cycle Assessment on Marine Power Systems
  • MSc in Project Management
  • BSc (Hon) in Petroleum Engineering
  • Diploma in Education (Mathematics)

Honours and Awards

Completed my diploma, first degree and master programme with the highest score among my batch


English, Malay and Chinese

Informal Interests

Swimming and cooking


I am currently working as the Thermal Energy Challenge Network Manager and my research focuses on life cycle assessment (LCA).  I have completed LCA studies on the power systems onboard Roll-on/Roll-off cargo ships; and I am exploring the environmental impact of other products.  

Research projects that I am/was involved are listed as follows:

  1. Current roles and research projects: 
    • Network Manager - Thermal Energy Challenge Network (EP/P005667/1)
    • Research Associate - CCS from Industrial clusters and their Supply chains (CCSInSupply) (EP/N024567/1)
  2. Previous roles and research projects : 
    • Network Manager - SusTEM Network: Sustainable Thermal Energy Management Network (EP/K039377/1;
    • Research Assistant - Innovative Energy Management System for Cargo Ship (FP7: 266082) 
    • Project Manager - Small Items of Research Equipment at Newcastle University: Developing the Research Base in Healthcare Technologies, Sustainability and Digital Economy (EP/K031678/1)
    • Network Coordinator - PRO-TEM Network: Process Industry Thermal Energy Management Network (EP/G059284/1;