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Dr Rajesh Tiwari

Teaching Fellow


Rajesh is a member of the Communications, Sensors, Signal & Information Processing Group and his profile can be viewed on Google Scholar.


MSc, PhD

Previous Positions

  • Research Associate (August 2010 - January 2016), Newcastle University, UK.
  • Graduate Research Assistant (September, 2007 - August, 2010), University of  Calgary, Canada.
  • Deputed Scientist in XXVI Indian Antarctic Expedition (October, 2006-  April, 2007)
  • Junior Research Fellow (2005-07), Barkatullah University, Project  from National Center for Antarctic    and  Ocean Research Goa, MoE  India.
  • Junior Research Fellow (2005), Barkatullah University, Indo-Russian Project, DST Govt. of India.

Honours and Awards

  • Search and Research Youth Award (2012), MP Bhopal, India,
  • Young Scientist Award (2011),  International Union of Radio Science (URSI),
  • Teaching Effectiveness Award (2010), University of Calgary, Canada,
  • Best Paper presentation Award (2008), Institute of Navigation, GNSS 2008, Savannah, USA,
  • GRS Scholarship (2007-2010), University of Calgary, Canada,
  • Junior Research Fellow (2006 - 2007), National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India,
  • Scientist (Nov 2006 – April 2007), XXVI Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica,
  • Young Scientist Award (2005), Indian Science Congress, Bhopal Chapter, 2005, India.

Invited Talk

  • Guest Lecture on "GPS Application and Atmospheric Constraints" at Research and Training Unit for Navigation Electronics, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, 13 June - 3 July 2012 (Sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Council [SERC] of Department of Science and Technology [DST], Govt of India);
  • Invited Talk on "Emerging Research of Sat-Nav by 2020," International Conference Development and Prosperity of Nation through Young Minds, Bhopal, India, 12 December, 2012;
  • Invited Talk on  "Space Weather Effect on Satellite Communication and Navigation in Antarctic Region," IEEE Student Chapter, Newcastle University, UK.

Project Funding

EPSRC DTA, Title: Smart and Secure Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (£75k), September 2016 - August 2019.

EPSRC IAA KTS, Title: Smart GNSS software receiver for robust carrier tracking and scintillation mitigation (£62k), January 2015 - September 2015.

EPSRC-SIREN(Small Items of Research Equipment and Newcastle University); Received funding for GNSS front end receiver for further use in GPS software receiver (£4000), 2012;

EEE-RAM (Resource Allocation Model); Received funding for GNSS software receiver assisted INS sensors (£1500), 2013.

Research Student

  • Mr. A. Ahmad (PhD, 2015);
  • Mr. Harith Fakhrey Tahir Al-Shwaily (3rd Year PhD Student);
  • Mr. Jiachen Yin (1st Year PhD Student)
  • Mr. Lu Shwei (MSc, 2014);
  • Ms. Bhavani Srinivasaiah (MSc, 2013);
  • Mr. Tramda Marc Mshelia (MSc, 2012);
  • Mr. Raghav Agarwal (MSc, 2012); 
  • Mr. Panpan Liu (MSc, 2011).

Esteem Indicators

  • ION  (Institute of Navigation);
  • Member IEEE
  • Mentor in Search and Research Group, India  


Research Interests

  • GPS software receiver, GPS/INS integration;
  • GNSS precise position algorithm; 
  • Ionospheric scintillation modelling and prediction; 
  • Investigating space weather effect on GNSS services;  
  • Space and ground based augmentation system for improving GPS position solution;
  • Effect of Auroral storm on GPS and its solution

Current Research  

  • Design and validation of GNSS software receiver to mitigate ionospheric scintillation;
  • Algorithm design and validation for adaptive carrier tracking loop in GPS receiver for robust tracking;
  • Position solution algorithm for improving Accuracy, Availability, and Reliability;
  • Physics based Ionospheric Scintillation model and simulation;

Key Research work Experienced

  • GPS raw signal processing at 1khz and 50Hz for ionospheric scintillation using NovAtel special firmware receiver, and tested in Canadian high latitude regions;
  • Ionospheric high order correction for centimetre level of accuracy;
  • Position algorithm for improved accuracy: static, RTK, ambiguities resolution, cycle slip detection and fixing, Kalman and extended Kalman filter;
  • Ionospheric mapping using IGS (RINEX) data, Scintillation modelling for DGPS application and investigation in Canadian region.
  • Ionospheric correction for precise position solution at equatorial region;
  • Investigate Auroral storm effect on GPS solution in Antarctic region for ship navigation;

 Ph.D/MSc Research Project (Supervisor/co-supervisor)

  • Data Security in a Wireless Sensor Network Integrated to IoT via Multiple Base Station (Current, PhD co-supervisor);
  • Mitigation of Scintillation Effects on Global Navigation Satellite System (current, Ph.D co-supervisor);
  • Acquisition of GPS Weak Signal using GPS Software Receiver (2014, MSc Project);
  • GPS Software Receiver Assisted with INS Sensor (2013, MSc Project);
  • GPS Position Solution Investigation during Ionospheric Scintillation (2014, MSc Project)  
  • Mitigation of Ionospheric Scintillation for High-latitude GPS users (2012, MSc Project);
  • Multi Sensors Data Fusion for Anti Collision System in Vehicles (2012, MEng Project);
  • GNSS Signal Processing for RTK Network (2011, MSc Project);


Undergraduate/Postgraduate Teaching

EEE3004 Digital Signal Processing

EEE8001 Signal Processing and Estimation

EEE8002 Mobile and Cellular Communication