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Dr Shifeng Wang

Infrastructure Systems Modeller



Shifeng has a background in energy modelling and environmental remote sensing. He has rich working experiences in renewable energy systems and technologies and has developed a number of energy-environment models which have been used in EU and the UK. He has published lots of high impact papers in leading peer-reviewed journals and served as reviewer for more than 20 journals. He collaborates widely, particularly with IIASA, University of Hamburg and University of Freiburg.


PhD (2010), University of Freiburg, Germany, Environmental Remote Sensing and Energy Modelling

2014-, Newcastle University

2013-2014, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

2010-2013, Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

2013-2014,Honour Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen


Wang's research is dedicated to sustainable renewable energy and an understanding of physical systems that involve interactions between energy production and the environment. This is of importance because renewable energy offers a promising way of diversifying the energy portfolio, and helping address the global issues of climate change, growing population, and energy security. A proper understanding of renewable energy production systems and their interaction with environment is essential for the design of relevant infrastructure and sustainable energy strategies at local, national and international scales.

  •    Energy Technology and System (Bioenergy and Wind energy)
  •    Climate Change