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Dr Xiaofeng Li

Research Associate


I'm a junior researcher in climate. After I got my Ph.D degree on 2009 in Chinese Academy of Sciences, I started my traveling and working around the world.

My favorite way of "understanding" the wether and climate at somewhere else is by traveling and staying there for a whole year or at least a whole season, so I can "feel it in person". 

I worked in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA from a spring to summer, where I experienced the real polar climate and the Polar Day, and saw the fast heavy snow occurs and disappears just like the behaviors of heavy rainfall in my hometown. Then, I traveled to Perth, Western Australia and worked there for a whole year, where I experienced the tropical and Mediterranean climate there, saw how the coastal rainfalls and the hot waves from inland desert are competing to each other, and enjoyed the beautiful beaches and islands by the way. I also worked in Beijing, China for a couple of years, where I experienced both the Polar and Tropical climate in a single place. Warm moist tropical atmosphere comes in summer, and dry cold polar atmosphere controls in winter, which make Beijing a place with huge differences in its four seasons. Now, I'm working in Newcastle, UK, where is facing the strong westerly jet blowing from the Atlantic. I'm enjoying the windy but mild year-round climate here, especially when it is accompanied with the incredibly fast changing weathers from day to day.