Learning and Teaching Space Refurbishments Summer 2015

Over the summer of 2015, £1.89million was invested across campus to create quality learning and teaching spaces.

The Bedson building benefitted from a refurbished teaching cluster, with increased numbers of computers and significantly improved audio visual provision. A teaching room in the Bedson building was also upgraded as part of this project, with group plectrum style tables introduced to support collaboration and active learning.

Bedson tables

The Ridley Lecture Theatres were overhauled to make much brighter, welcoming environments with Dual Projection provided in one of the theatres. Two more lecture theatres at the Dental School were also refurbished with another two to follow in summer 2016. Each involved new seating, lighting, carpets, decoration and teaching walls. Lighting and audio visual improvements, along with new carpets and paintwork, lifted the ambience and experience in the Old Library Pybus teaching room. Booth style workstations bespoke made by local joiners were installed in the medical school corridor space to add extra computers and study space for students.

This year new types of furniture have been trialed around the campus in various classrooms which promote collaborative working and flexibility. One successful example is King George VI building room 1.43A which now provides light weight tables, which can be easily moved and feature slots for whiteboards for separation or to present ideas. In 2016 further trials will be continued so that more areas of the campus can benefit and try some new models as they are released.

Lightweight tables

A number of projects are currently in design stage for completion by summer 2016 and these include: the introduction of a collaborative style lecture theatre, the creation of a Common User teaching lab, the refurbishment of the Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, King George VI Lecture Theatre 4, Armstrong Room 1.48, Leech seminar rooms and Stephenson Room T10. In 2016 an exciting new project called the Herschel Learning Lab will also complete.

Our goal is to continue to improve the learning environments that are available to both staff and students, to do this any comments or suggestions about how we can do this are warmly welcomed.

To see full details on our recently completed projects please see the presentations below:

2015 Presentation

Past Refurbishments

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We hope you like the improvements and we welcome any feedback